In accord with the principal purpose of the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, SOAR is
established to fulfill two primary missions:

The first mission is to encourage and promote safe and proper instruction and mentoring practices.  By doing
such, SOAR aims not only to keep its members flying safely, but to cast foot-launched flight in the most positive
light possible among the general public and demonstrate that, with proper training, it is a relatively safe activity.  
This is accomplished through proper instruction for those new to the sport and team-approach mentoring for
those with experience beyond the novice level, as well as clinics and seminars for the dissemination and
discussion of aviation-related knowledge.  It is the hope that such promotion of safe skills and practices will
inspire some members to become instructors as well in order to keep the sport of foot-launched flight alive for
future generations.    SOAR also aims to participate in public activities such as festivals, shows, fly-ins, and other
similar events to positively promote and expose foot-launched flight to the general public.

The second mission is to explore, reopen, and/or pioneer new sites within the region.  It is common knowledge
that the most popular flying site in the area, Woodrat Mountain, has become pressured by over-use to the point
where landing zone options are being threatened.  It is less known that the region has many other site options that
are of equal or perhaps greater quality than Woodrat for foot-launched flight.  SOAR aims to do our part to
relieve pressure upon the landowners surrounding Woodrat by encouraging its members, with proper guidance
and in accordance with standard USHPA site guidelines, to fly these lesser-known sites with greater frequency,
thereby helping to preserve Woodrat for future use and develop pilot skills beyond the ability to fly a single site.
Southern Oregon Air Riders (SOAR) is the current hang
gliding club in southern Oregon.  We are composed primarily
of newer students and their mentors, but more and more
experienced pilots have been joining our ranks as well.  The
formation of SOAR came about essentially as a forum for
newer hang glider pilots to share experiences, participate in
club activities, and benefit from the advice of more seasoned
pilots in the area.  And most importantly, we are here to fly
together and have fun!
Rekindling the Spirit of Hang Gliding in Southern Oregon!
No. 288